Woedpressians Meetup March2016

WordPressians MeetUp – 18th March 2016

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  • Zafree

    Typography: recognize beautiful and functional type

    by Zafree

  • Obi Plabon

    Lose Weight for Long Way

    by Obi Plabon

  • Emran Ahmed

    Advanced typography: Modular Scale

    by Emran Ahmed

    Emran loves street foods and kicks his stuff well. Good survivor and strongly focused to fulfill his dream. He is a Joomla guy, but in last few years, he killed most of his time by playing WordPress. And now he is master of Joomla and WordPress.
  • Sajedul Haque Romi

    Building Mobile App using WP REST API & AngularJS

    by Sajedul Haque Romi

    Romi was supposed to be a doctor. This news will give you mixed feelings that Romi left Medical College and became a CSE grad. He is a self taught ninja and so passionate about programming. His favorite dialogue starts with the word "MOHAN", like MOHAN brazil, MOHAN windows etc. He works with multiple development platforms, including dotNet as well. And he is one of our WordPressians Admin too.
  • MT Pamir

    How to get prepared for the market!

    by MT Pamir

    First of all say thanks to Pamir for leading this month’s Meetup. He is one of WordPressians Admin who loves traveling most and attends conferences around the world. When you ask him for help, he will help you with his best smile. If you don't want to miss the smile, don't miss his session in this Meetup.